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The Gift Of Bread Charity offers free Extended Sourdough Bread making classes.

Naturally modified gluten bread can be enjoyed by everyone.


• The Very Best Bread

Our aim is to teach you how to make bread that has maximum nutritional value AND maximum digestibility – real sourdough bread that is a real food as it has been produced for thousands of years.

• Academic and University studies on Naturally Modified gluten bread

… show that this method of bread making provides a wheat bread that is non toxic to coeliacs and those with gluten sensitivity. To back that up, we have an ever increasing band of happy people now able to eat real wheat bread without any noticeable side effects.

What is modified gluten bread? The traditional process of sourdough bread in conjunction with the extended fermentation period produces a bread that is described as "modified gluten". The constituent part of the gluten (a protein) that causes the problem is naturally modified. This means a bread made from wheat according to the proscribed method is safe and beneficial – as stated in numerous studies – for everyone to eat.

• What are they saying about our bread classes? (And bread)


Basic Sourdough Bread Procedure

Very quick and simple. The ingredients, flour, water and salt mixed together by hand for only as long as it takes to incorporate the ingredients. Put a cover on the container and pop it into the fridge. Thats it for now. In four days let it come back to room temperature, divide it, shape it, place it in a banneton basket (or any bowl shape container or bread tin) let it rise and then bake it for approx 35 minutes. Thats it. Did you notice there was no kneading? This is only a few minutes work to produce 3 small/medium loaves from 1kg of flour. Anyone can do it. More on the basics

Sprout Flour Sourdough Bread

Sprout flour is the grain soaked for a shortwhile until the first sign of sprouting occurs. The grain is dried again and then milled into flour which is used as normal. This will be similar to typical wholemeal flour. The advantage? Lots more available nutrition and a sweeter tasting loaf, more appealing for those that are not so keen on the taste of wholemeal. More on sprout flour bread

Sprout Mash Sourdough Bread

The difference is the wheat, or other grain, is soaked and sprouted and instead of drying and milling, it is put through a mincer, or food processor and mashed. Sounds a bit strange? It actually produces a bread dough very similar to a normal wholemeal dough. Procede as normal. Benefits? Even more nutrition and blessings come your way. In the photos on this page, you can see very little difference between the breads irrespective of how the dough is arrived at. (The sourdough critters and enzymes just want to get to work on it, whatever it is!) More on sprout mash

We Can Organise A Class – near where You live – Or you can attend a free class at our dedicated Somerset, UK. premises

As a charity, we provide our one day class at no cost accross the UK. Everything is provided, flour, sourdough, aprons, bits and bobs. We even bring our own ovens if necessary.

What you do is search for others that are interested in your area – five to ten people (nearly 20% of the population suffer from discomfort/gluten intolerance – there is no shortage of interested parties), see if one of these people has and is willing to host the one day class in their home. If not, then tell us about a community hall in your area and we will take it from there. If you are in range of our Martock, Somerset premises, we run regular day classes, evening classes and Sunday classes. For further information: Contact us