The Gift Of Bread

Sprout flour

Sprout flour is how you take bread to the next level. Lots of nutritional benefit over traditional bread as well as a sweeter, tastier loaf – without any extra ingredients.

What is sprout flour?

Sprout flour is the wheat berry (raw grain) sprouted to a very early stage, just a tiny appearance of a 'bud'. This transforms the grain of starch to being part vegetable. We have all heard of the value of sprouts.

At this point the sprouted grain of wheat is dried again and then stone ground milled into wholegrain flour. The resulting bread is… in our opinion, much improved over a regular wholemeal loaf which some people find a little heavy and even a little bitter in flavour. No more!

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Using sprout grain flour

There is very little difference in using this flour. It handles well in our extended fermentation process.

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