The Gift Of Bread


More Adventures With Bread


• Soon we wll have information on making fresh pasta from a four day modified gluten sourdough mix. Superb real wheat fresh pasta that gluten intolerant and… according to acadmic/scientific reports AND our own anecdotal eveidence – coeliacs can eat (and if you are like me, a coeliac for 25 years REALLY enjoy it).

• Also coming sourdough wheat flour spongecakes that can be eaten by virtually everyone. Same four day treatment.

• Add pastry to the list as well.


Scalded Dough for a softer bread:

In very brief terms for now – a small quantity of the bread flour for the dough has boiling water poured over it. 'Small quantity' means a tablespoon or two of a 1kg flour recipe. This changes the nature of the starch in that sample (think wall paper glue) which in turn has the effect of making the finished bread quite a bit softer. Some more info is available if you do a Google search on 'scalded flour'.

In our initial experiments, too much 'wallpaper glue' was used. The bread was indeed softer, but the dough was very difficult to handle.



'Brew Bread' – Bread to drink beer with

This involves the use of 'malts' used in beer making. We take the malts – our favourite is 'chocolate malt', put it though our flour mill and add about 25/30 grams of it to a 1kg flour mix. Fantastic dark colour to the bread and a subtle nuance of 'brew' flavour. Have with goat chees etc.


'Malt' for brewing beer in simple terms are grains that have been sprouted and then roasted. Do a search on 'brewing beer' for more details.